UC-Mini App

UC mini app is a stupendous browsing software of Chinese famous internet company UC web. Download now UC browser mini APK app for android mobile user.


browser uc mini

uc mini browserAfter many years UC Browser Mini is successively running only because of his goodwill. It is one of the browser which gives many things with great features. We all know that it is the light-weight browser. Many of the people can’t able to find things which they want  in minutes. Only for this reason, the android users to use this browser because it is the most important application on their devices. UC Browser is the most popular application for the internet.

features of uc mini browser:

Tiny size: It is a small package browser with great browsing                                     experience.

Navigation card:  With this Navigation card we can search the local content, local services and many things.

Incognito Browsing: Incognito browsing protects the privacy. In this browser you can search anything and no one can see it. It doesn’t show in history can’t be saved.

Control videos with gestures: Gesture commands added the control video progress  and adjust the volume.

Night Mode: Another mode that you can enable is night mode, which allows you to strain your eyes less when reading something on the internet in the dark.

Full- Screen Mode: Because the goal of the application is to occupy the least amount of space while allowing you to quickly open the web pages, it should be noted that on some devices with smaller screens, the menus containing different app features may seem quite large, but you can get around to this issue by enabling the full-screen mode.

Smart Downloading: You can download several things or filles at the same time and even so in the background, about this you can continue using browser without thinking about them. If your internet connection get disrupted while the files are getting downloaded, the connection will happen automatically. Besides have an opportunity to download a particular thing.


UC Mini app is certainly an excellent browser that will occupy a minimum amount of space on your device and provide you with a range of benefits.

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