UC-Mini App

UC mini app is a stupendous browsing software of Chinese famous internet company UC web. Download now UC browser mini APK app for android mobile user.


download uc browser, saves the data up to 60%

download uc browserUC Browser is a mobile browser developed by the Chinese mobile internet company. Uc web is owned by Alibaba Group of china. UC Browser is the third most popular app in India. Uc browser is the powerful web browser and has a decent set of features. It offers you the fast and all in one experience. It has the hottest websites. UC Browser’s serves act as a proxy which compresses and renders the data of web pages before sending it to users. This process helps you to load web content faster.

UC Browser is available on several smartphones and feature phone platforms, but android mobile operating system represents the largest user base for the company. Data compression reduces data consumption while users are browsing. Since 2006, uc browser has has been performing more compression and rendering works on it’s servers, which is similar to the operation of a thin client.

Uc browser has the data saving mode

It has the data saving mode. Uc browser can save up to 60% of data usage. Uc browser’s data compression technology allows you to browse faster and save more data. It has the mini video window, in this window you never have to stop your video and music with the mini video window.

It has the powerful-ad blocker. Uc browser blocks the ad content automatically. It makes your browsing experience faster and more efficient. It is the fastest downloader. It doesn’t show you the ads in this browser with comparison to other browsers. It saves the time of the users. It doesn’t kills the time.

It also has the night mode, when you will switch the night mode you will make your reading and watching more comfortable. It is very important and useful mode for the users of android device. It is the one of the most important browser for the users of android device. You should must download this browser for your android device.

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